Founded in 1987 Changzhou Huawei Electronics is specialized in the production of Electrolytic Capacitors.
Is ranked among the 100 TOP List of Chinese Electronic Components Enterprises and is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Huawei Chang produces internally the raw material (foil) which allows to support extremely fast production lead times.

Huawei Chang has many certifications including ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949 (with the possibility of supplying AEC-Q200 products for the Automotive market).

Product lines

Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors

High Voltage, Low ESR, Long Life, High Temperature
  • SMD
  • PTH

Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

High Temperature

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

High Voltage, Low ESR, Long/Super Long Life, High/Super High Temperature, High Ripple Current, Low Leakage Current
  • SMD
  • PTH

Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Low ESR, Long/Super Long Life, High Temperature, High Ripple Current

Screw Terminal

Long/Super Long Life, High Temperature

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Siri Elettronica S.p.A

  • Via Cesare Battisti 70 35010 Limena - Padova
  • VAT 02634470286
  • Registered Capital 500.000,00€


  • Siri Elettronica S.p.A. has obtained the certification of the quality management system issued by SGS Italy, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015